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Meditation has many definitions but basically is the act of clearing your mind of every day clutter and concentrating on one thing, whether it be the sound or rhythm of your breathing, the song of birds, or the sound of the ocean.

There are many health and well being benefits from practicing daily meditation and there is plenty of substantial evidence to support that regular meditation practice definitely enhances health and well being.

Possible benefits of Meditation

Physical benefits:

Reduces stress
Improves sleep
Lowers blood pressure
Enhances immune system
Reduces insomnia, anxiety and PMS
Increases greater relaxation of the body and mind

Psychological benefits:

Improved memory
Improves ability to learn, capacity to focus and work efficiently
Increases creativity
Builds confidence
Increases the capacity for awareness, happiness and compassion
Increases control over thoughts
Improves relationships

Meditation Courses

– Five week beginner’s meditation course including some mindful Meditations, Zen and Buddhist Meditations, breathing, candle and visualisation Meditations
– One to one meditation sessions

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