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Claire Knight

I am a qualified Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. I work with clients who are experiencing personal difficulties, seeking to feel clearer and more empowered within their particular situation. Emotional states such as confusion, frustration, low confidence, feeling ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed, or achieving outcomes like adapting to a life change, wanting to make a big decision, improving personal relationships or wanting to feel more in control of an area of life can be powerfully assisted by life coaching.

My approach is warm, structured, dynamic, compassionate and change-orientated. I provide the balance of space for you to talk about and make sense of your feelings and specialised techniques to help you move towards a place of self-knowledge, calm and strength. Practical processes help you consider your situation from different perspectives, reconnect with your strengths and feel more resourceful. I pay attention to your personality, energy, thinking patterns, language and ways of relating to the world and I tailor our sessions with these in mind, helping you find new insights and workable strategies in each. My ‘tools’ are the various processes I have trained in – NLP, Mindfulness, Belief Change processes, Anxiety coaching, EFT, Children’s coaching and Counselling skills. I may also introduce psychological models to help provide the objectivity we often need when we find ourselves caught in patterns of behaviour. I sometimes send my clients videos, podcasts and articles where I feel they will resonate; we discuss and agree actions that you can focus on away from our sessions and I frequently research the latest coaching techniques and broader writings and undergo CPD.

Anxiety coaching is a special interest area for me and I have recently trained as a MIndfulness teacher. Mindfulness is a recognised means of managing mental health and a wonderful way to distance ourselves from negative thoughts and get into the habit of letting go of worries. Weaving this into sessions (where appropriate) provides a chance to ‘step off’ the merry-go-round of our internal mental chatter and instantly connect with a sense of peace and calm.

Life Coaching sessions are suitable for both adults and children over 12 years. Common themes for children/teens include lack of confidence, bullying, anger issues, Anxiety, time management and exam stress.

Some feedback from clients:

“Learning tools to tackle life’s challenges has been invaluable. I feel Claire has truly taught me how to become my best self. Thank you.”

“As someone who has been struggling with anxiety and coping with recent changes in my life, I found Claire’s approach exceptional. From my very first session, I felt at ease, able to comfortably share any issues I was having, whilst being provided with a number of techniques to help me deal with certain emotions. She has helped me overcome obstacles that were holding me back and I feel more relaxed and ready to tackle life’s challenges!”

“Cannot thank Claire enough (regarding my son). Worth every penny.”

Pricing: Adult session – 1 hour 10 mins – £59, Teen session (16 and under)  – 50 mins – £45.

Adult sessions can be purchased in discounted bundles. I offer a free phone consultation to help us gain an initial sense of each other and answer any questions you may have about coaching/how I work.

Specialist in: Life Coaching.

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