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Hannah Best

I have been working in the helping sector for 15 years with people from age under 8 to over 80 struggling with a variety of difficulties in their lives, including: emotional difficulties, mental health problems, learning disabilities, self-harm and experiences of trauma.

I have a post graduate diploma in Integrative counselling and a post graduate certificate in psychotherapeutic perspectives from Terapia institute in London.  My course is accredited by UKCP and as such I abide to their ethical framework.

Integrative has two meanings to it:

One is that I adapt to your individual needs and personality by using a different combination of approaches.  The therapy session is your space to use as you need to and it is important that a) you feel safe and b) you are getting what you need from it.  You may want to use creative processes such as art work, you may want to try guided visualisations or you may prefer talking. I am open as to what you bring to the sessions and how you feel safest exploring these.

The second refers to the integration of a person.  Essentially this is a feeling of being whole and balanced; taking the good with the bad, acknowledging positive and negative feelings, accepting your weaknesses as well as embracing your strengths.  We can explore all the different parts to you and your life experiences so that the conflicts within you and your life can reach a place of balance.


Initial meeting: Free

Individual Adult therapy session: £40 for 50 minutes.

If you are unsure, have any questions or would like to book a free initial meeting with me please do contact me.

Specialist in: Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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