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Helen Breward

Helen Trained with the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Science. She is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapists and is bound by their code of practice. Helen maintains full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. She has been working as a hypnotherapist since 2011 and has also recently become a trainer (For other therapists) for The Virtual Gastric Band. Although, Helen Specialises in The Virtual Gastric Band, she also works with Smoking cessation, fears & phobias, stress, anxiety & panic attacks, IBS, confidence, motivation.

Testimonials for the Virtual Gastric Band.

“Being hypnotised is something I haven’t experienced before & it is very relaxing & knowing you have back up support if needed is very good. It is so much more healthier than taking tablets or having to go through such a risky procedure & I will recommend this to my friends in the future as I definitely feel it has helped me.”

“Very beneficial treatment has resulted in weight loss I have not been able to achieve myself and given me the motivation to continue – Thank you.”

“The most useful things have been; talking issues through relating to food & eating, relaxation element, portion control and no more snacking.”
“Thank you so much. I would never have been able to move forward without your support. I feel I am living my life the way I want to for the first time ever. Thank you is simply not enough.”

Other issues

“Helen understood the issue, which meant that the hypnosis sessions were 100% relevant to the issue. It was great for me to have the desired outcome that I had described at the very first session.”
“Finding out about myself – anxieties I had that I had not consciously acknowledged. Explaining my beliefs & values, and then challenging them. Coming to a place of acceptance & peace with my feelings & life experiences has enabled me to move forward with my life in a very positive way.”

Specialist in: Hypnotherapy.

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