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Jan Wojtowicz

Jan runs Wood Street Wellbeing but is also a therapist at the centre offering  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Thai and Foot Massage.

Jan Studied Hypnotherapy at the world renowned Clifton Practice with with Susan Rodrigues and David Taylor. He offers a Free Initial Consultation at the centre or online.

Typically he with Depression, Anxiety, Weight Management, Sleep Issues, IBS, Pain, Self-belief, Phobias, Confidence, Reaching Goals, Stress, OCD, Panic Attacks, Public Speaking, Anger, Sports Performance and much more.

Hypnotherapy £60 per session.

Jan has had an interest in massage and healing since 1995 but did not begin formal training until 2003. His main area of expertise isTraditional Thai massage and he has trained in the UK with various highly regarded teachers including Andrea Baglioni from Thailand’s Sunshine Network, Maria and Graham Mercati from Bodyharmonics, David Lutt from Osteo-Thai, Simon Piers Gall from The London School of Traditional Massage and Nikky and Fiona Smith from Bodywisdom. He has also trained in Thailand with the International Training Massage School as well as spending time with the legendary Pitchest Boonthume. Whilst in Thailand Jan has also worked in the popular street massage salons. Initially proving his skills on the therapists and salon owners and then working alongside the Thai therapists he worked long hours into the night but gained great insights and expanded his knowledge of the treatments.

“….at last a treatment that not only are you able to feel the benefits almost immediately, but also in the long term seems to take a somewhat aching body and return it back to good health. The long term benefits become apparent with regular sessions when suddenly you realise that those nagging aches and pains have gone.”
– Aniela

“After 6 weeks off work with a bad back and the prospect of waiting 3 months for an emergency physio appointment on the NHS, I visited Jan. After the 1st session I felt immediate relief! I never want to go back to that pain and range of disability and I now visit Jan every month to keep myself mobile.”
– Colleen

“Best massage I’ve ever had, even beats Thai Massage in Thailand! I’m always guaranteed to leave feeling amazing – like a new person – which lasts for several days following the treatment.”
– Nickie


1 hour £40.00
1.5 hours £57.00
2 hours £73.00

Specialist in: Hypnotherapy, Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Massage.

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