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Kelly Sumal

Kelly discovered the power of hypnotherapy when she used it to break the cycle of anxiety. By gaining an understanding of how the brain and anxiety works, she realised we can regain control, and lead a life where we are able to cope confidently with challenges.  Free from the symptoms of anxiety for the first time, this inspired Kelly to train as a clinical Hypnotherapist at the Clifton Practice in Bristol in order to help others.

Kelly’s focus is to empower clients to take back control and gain the tools to successfully manage their mindset in a positive, solution focused way.

She specialises in respite from the symptoms of anxiety & depression, weight management, fears & phobias, OCD, trauma, insomnia, & stopping smoking.

Kelly is also a Chartered Financial Planner specialising in hosting podcasts & training others to build their careers in financial services.  These skills enable Kelly to support others empathetically & confidently in achieving their goals.

Specialist in: Hypnotherapy.

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