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Laura Rawlings

Laura Rawlings



Laura discovered the benefits of hypnotherapy when she used it to overcome her longstanding fear of giving birth. She realised the brain isn’t fixed – and we have much greater control over our lives and how we cope with its challenges – than we might realise. Inspired by the potential of solution focused hypnotherapy, Laura trained to become a clinical hypnotherapist at the Clifton Practice in Bristol.


Laura is passionate about helping clients successfully shift their focus from the problem to the solution – and into a positive frame of mind. She uses hypnotherapy to bring relief to a range of problems – including anxiety, stress, stopping smoking, menopause, trauma, weight-loss, insomnia, and fear of birth. 


Alongside hypnotherapy, Laura is also a broadcaster and media trainer. Using skills from those roles, she brings a wealth of experience to help people with public speaking, confidence and delivering presentations.

Specialist in: Hypnotherapy.

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