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Rebecca North

Rebecca qualified with a Level 5 professional diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy in July 2022 with the Oxford School of Sports Massage. Her passion for Soft Tissue Therapy comes from her own positive personal experiences with the therapy, helping her to manage ongoing back and hip pain caused by scoliosis, along with the recovery of many other aches and injuries over the years.
Soft Tissue Therapy and Sports Massage can benefit a wide variety of people dealing with aches, pains and injuries caused by daily life, not just people who are into sport. Rebecca has helped clients who are desk workers, hairdressers, gym goers, runners, have physically demanding jobs and also clients living with conditions like asthma, arthritis or recovering from past surgeries or injuries. Please get in touch if you’d like to understand how it could help you.

Soft Tissue Therapy: Focuses on a minor or chronic ache, pain, or injury. The session will involve postural and joint assessments, a unique treatment tailored to you and rehabilitation advice to help you further improve your symptoms at home.

Sports Massage: An effective treatment for improving mobility, reducing muscle soreness and imbalances, increasing muscle recovery, and reducing the risk of injuries occurring. It also reduces tension and encourages relaxation. Don’t be fooled by the name, you don’t need to be into sports to have a sports massage!

What to expect:
Pre-Assessment: Upon booking you will receive a pre-assessment questionnaire which needs to be completed prior to your appointment. This will ensure massage is a safe treatment option for you.

Initial Consultation & Treatment – 75 minutes (£60): Book this option if you have not had a treatment from Rebecca before or it has been 6 months since your last visit. The session will involve reviewing your pre-assessment form, completing postural and joint assessments (where applicable) and treatment.

Follow Up Appointment – 60 minutes (£50): Book this session if you have seen Rebecca in the past 6 months. The session will involve a review of your symptoms, objectives, and assessments (where applicable) before moving into treatment.

Specialist in: Massage, Sports Massage.

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