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Geoff Dennis

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist with over 35 years’ of work in NHS, local authority and voluntary sector mental health services, with individuals & with groups. I have extensive knowledge of a range of therapeutic treatments, including individual psychotherapy, therapeutic group programmes and intensive rehabilitation. I have in-depth experience of drug & alcohol treatment services, having worked in both community and criminal justice settings.

I believe that Gestalt therapy is good a way of shining a light on the processes and intricacies of our lives. It shows us how these are perceived, experienced, and responded to in our interactions with ourselves and with others. I invite clients to join me in this relational process.

I trained at the Gestalt Centre in London and qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma. I am a BACP Registered psychotherapist and I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

I undertake long term and short term work with individual clients, couples and groups.

October 2020: During this unprecedented time in which we are all feeling the impact of Covid-19, I am witnessing a lack of connectedness and, subsequently, an increase in many peoples’ mental ill health. This is manifesting in an increased sense of isolation, loneliness and feeling ‘not a part of’ or ‘belonging to’ their community. I invite you to contact me if you’re being affected in this way.

Specialist in: Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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